AALIEN ILLUSION Sdn Bhd (AALIEN) is established to focus on transforming creative industries into an economic contributor through entertainment. We are Malaysian production house formed in August 2017. The company is relatively young but the backbones of the company are people who have passion for films and arts. Our core business is producing films. We research and develop contents to turn into programs and movies. We are also into events and trading where we open any options that will bring goodness to many. Integrity is our virtues and like wise for those who wish to walk with us. We believe in an honest deal will reap the fruit of your labor. It is also a platform to explore ideas and turning them into great films that are entertaining, exciting, inspiring, educating and well accept in local and global market.


To become prominent  investor and contributor in our business. 


To serve the industry, in transforming creative contents into economy contributor by developing and producing quality contents and also creating jobs for industry workers. 

  • To further enhance the Malaysian filming and animation industry from traditional into a vibrant new age business investment.
  • To create a competitive market in creative industry.
  • To maintain continuous supply of quality product, delivers to local and international market.
  • To create business investment network that cater jobs for producers and subsequently the rest of the industry workers.