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TUNKU KUDIN (1821 – 1831) FILM

” A patriotic prince has to pay a heavy price for his heroic acts

in a mission to remove the invaders from the state “

Brief Synopsis

An inspirational story excerpt from the historical war events of Kedah, a small province at northern part of the Malay Archipelago.

A beginning of a long painful journey for the Kedah’s malays since the invasion of the Siamese on the 12 November 1821 over their most pride trading port Kota Kuala Kedah. The Siamese’s  greed and the English’s ‘creed’ are what the Sultan is least expected but to pay a heavy price. 

Tunku Kudin is one of the patriotic malay princes who fights to win back what they have lost. His story is one full with determination, endurance and emotion. He has lost everything in the cause including his life in one most tragic situation but not after his victory over Kota Kuala Kedah on the 24 April 1831. 

He is the ‘unsung hero’.